What is Tartary Buckwheat?

Tartary buckwheat (also known as bitter buckwheat) is another species of buckwheat in the buckwheat family that is mainly grown in Asia. Comparing the taste, tartary buckwheat tastes more bitter.

Tartary vs. common buckwheat. Is there a difference in terms of nutritional value?  

Buckwheat is known to be one of the riches sources of rutin. This is definitely a plus factor for your health! Other foods containing rutin includes citrus fruits, asparagus and berries.

According to a study published in the journal of agricultural and food chemistry (51:22 2003 Oct 22 pg 6452-5) ,

Tartary buckwheat seeds contained more rutin (about 0.8-1.7% DW) than common buckwheat seeds (0.01% DW). Tartary buckwheat seeds contained traces of quercitrin and quercetin, which were not found in common buckwheat seeds.

Which bring us to the next topic on the list; What is rutin, quercitrin and quercetin ?? and how does this benefit our health.

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