How to Get Rid Of Bloating and Gas

That feeling when your stomach is bloated is extremely uncomfortable. If this happens often, then it’s time to take a look at your eating habits and your exercise regimen. Causes of bloating can include gas, water retention, constipation, overeating, and food intolerance. Let’s look at some remedies to this common problem.

Firstly take a look at your eating habits. Does your diet include having too much or too little fiber? Regulating the amount of fiber in your diet can greatly reduce the amount of bloating you experience. If you are taking too little fiber, adding more can help regulate your digestive system and reduce constipation. However if you are taking in plenty of fiber, maybe you should temporarily stop especially if you are experiencing a lot of gas.

Intake of carbonated drinks, junk food, and oily food should also be reduced. Also reduce the intake of acidic drinks like coffee and alcohol.

When eating your veges, make sure they are cooked as they will be digested more easily and thereby reducing gas. However some vegetables like cabbage, peas and beans may be harder to digest.

Avoid spicy foods. When you eat spicy foods, your stomach releases acid which can cause or worsen bloating. Take a walk for 15-20 minutes each day to help digest your food.

Foods that cause bloating may differ between persons. So take note of the food you eat to find out the food that is causing the bloating. Common culprits include milk and wheat.

You can also try taking foods with prebiotic. Prebiotics can help your digestive system and therefore reduce bloating.

For quick relief, try applying pressure to your stomach. In a circular motion, gently apply pressure on your abdomen to ease physical stress on the stomach and help relieve gas.

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8 thoughts on “How to Get Rid Of Bloating and Gas

  1. For people with food intolerances, have you tried a low FODMAP diet? Helps with bloating, gas and other gastrointestinal symptoms. Works wonders for those with Irritable Bowel Syndrome and other GI disorders

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    • As i know there could be many factors that cause bloating. Like me for example, i only just found out that i have intolerance to Papaya, which caused really bad bloating! Even though there are many articles on the web listing papaya as one of the foods to help relief bloating and gas…

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