buckwheat porridge with prunes & caramelised pear

De La Casa

buckwheat porridge with caramelised pear

It’s not evident, but this buckwheat porridge is riddled with prunes. Sticky, black and plump. My mama always said prunes are good for the bowel.


Mum and Dad thought of things like that. Drinking water is good for headaches. Prunes or figs for moving things through the body. A bowl of oats before bed to sleep better. Soggy weetbix with mashed banana when we were ill (or had teeth extracted for braces). Dark, fruit & nut chocolate (definitely Dad) in the car for energy during long drives.

I never recall my Mum ‘treating us’ to junk food, or teaching us to eat our emotions. With treats, like icecream or her Sante biscuits one was always enough – we were rarely allowed a second helping. Nothing was totally banned in our house – I was even treated* to McDonalds a couple of times a year – junk food just wasn’t…

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