Banana Buckwheat Chocolate Crunch Bites

christina's kitchen..

Naturally sweet & creamy frozen bananas

draped in rich, silky smooth chocolate,

and coated in crunchy sprouted buckwheat.

A perfect treat for summer- ready in 5 minutes with less than 5 ingredients.

Buckwheat Banana Chocolate Crunch Bites



Sprouted, Dehydrated Buckwheat (or leftover buckwheat granola)*



Peanut Butter (optional)

Coconut Oil**

Cocoa Powder

Raw Local Honey or Maple Syrup

(see note below for substitutions)


1.) Peel your bananas. Slice into 1/2”-1” pieces and freeze. (Go ahead.. Spread some peanut butter on top of the banana slices. You’ll be glad you did)

2.) Once bananas are frozen, make the chocolate coating. In a double boiler, melt coconut oil. Remove from heat, then stir in cocoa & sweetener, let cool to room temperature.

3.) Put the sprouted buckwheat in a shallow dish next to the chocolate coating

3.) Remove banana slices from the freezer. Dip into the chocolate coating. Let…

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