5 Power Food Pairings for Better Health

5 power food pairings - www.buckwheathealth.wordpress.comRutin + Vitamin C = Stronger Heart

Rutin is a bioflavonoid that enhances the absorption of vitamin C. Together, both rutin and Vitamin C can help to strengthen and promote circulation in our body, thereby greatly supporting cardiovascular health. Rutin is also attributed with anti-inflammatory and blood vessel-strengthening effects.  Rutin , found naturally in Buckwheat is one of the richest sources.

Sources of Rutin: Buckwheat, asparagus, apple peels, cherries, apricots, green peppers and dark berries
Sources of Vitamin C: Guava, bell peppers, broccoli, papaya, cauliflower, brussels sprouts, strawberries


Zinc + Sulphur Compounds = More Energy

Sulfur compounds help boost absorption of zinc. Certain types of acids increase the absorption of zinc. These include sulphur-containing amino acids (found in garlic, onions, citric acid (found in citrus fruits like oranges), malic acid (found in apples), and tartaric acid (found in grapes).

Sources of Zinc: Spinach, pumpkin, nuts, beans, mushrooms
Sources of Sulfur Compounds: Onions, garlic, fish, poultry, eggs, milk, legumes, cabbage, brussels sprouts, turnips


Genistein + Capsaicin = Reduce Inflammation

Genistein is a naturally occurring chemical present in soy. Genistein (an isoflavone with disease-fighting properties) plus capsaicin (an antioxidant) helps to tame inflammation. Chronic inflammation in the body is known to be a risk factor for heart disease and cancer. Capsaicin also helps reduce blood pressure, offering even more heart-healthy benefits.

Sources of Genistein: Found in soy foods such as soybeans, edamame and tofu
Sources of Capsaicin: Chili peppers


Calcium + Inulin = Stronger Bones

Inulin benefits our bones by enhancing calcium absorption. Inulin (a non-digestible carbohydrate that acts as a food source for intestinal bacteria and behaves as a prebiotic to enhance probiotic growth), helps balance the levels of “good” bacteria in your digestive system.

Sources of Calcium: Milk, yogurt, cheese, broccoli, kale, almonds
Sources of Inulin: Artichokes, onions, garlic, leeks, chicory, bananas, asparagus


Iron + Vitamin C = More Energy

Vitamin C helps our cells absorb more iron and help keep our gums, heart and skin healthy. You can find iron in plant-based foods (fruits, veggies, beans) and animal-based foods (red meat, chicken, eggs). But it’s harder for your body to absorb iron from plant-based ones, which is why pairing them with vitamin C is a smart move.

Sources of Vitamin C: Citrus fruits, kiwi, guava, strawberries, tomatoes, bell peppers, broccoli
Sources of Iron: Spinach, oatmeal, tofu, wheat germ, quinoa

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8 thoughts on “5 Power Food Pairings for Better Health

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  2. Hi Amy, very interesting post, thanks for sharing! 😉 I came across another similar table a few weeks ago. And one combination that I remember is Kale & lemon! Apparently the vitamin C of the lemon makes the iron in the kale easier to absorb for the body. so cool, that two healthy food by themselves can get even more beneficial when combined! 🙂

  3. body{font-size:10pt;font-family:arial,sans-serif;background-color:#ffffff;color:black;}p{margin:0px;}GREAT New Post!  Now we need the recipes to match!  How about one for Buckwheat Primavera using bell peppers?  Juls recipes are great, but I would love to have a detailed conversion chart for the grams vs. cups.  Those published don’t show gram converstion in between 68 and 45 grams, for example.

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