Buckwheat Pancakes with Mulberry Spread

Here’s another buckwheat pancake recipe to try!

Inspired Food


Buckwheat… I’m sorry what did you just call me? Buckwheat is one of those products that somehow managed to sneak up on me and caught me off guard. The last product to do this was quinoa, perhaps I live in a cave or perhaps I just don’t pay enough attention to the food around me.  It seems both of these products have had more of an ‘underground’ following and then, BAM! all of a sudden we start seeing them used in mainstream recipes everywhere.  After a long chat with one of my work colleagues about his breakfast which consisted of buckwheat pancakes, blueberries, natural yogurt and a sprinkle of chocolate (don’t judge, it was a sunday… so he tells me), I was feeling somewhat inspired to learn more about this buckwheat and eat pancakes (I mean really, pancakes… yum!).

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