Buckwheat Blinis (made with Yukon Potatoes & Crème Fraîche)

Buckwheat Blini 1

Buckwheat Blini 3

How to make buckwheat blini pancakes – video included.

Blini is a traditional Russian buckwheat pancake. This bite sized innovative recipe from ChefSteps incorporates Yukon potatoes, buckwheat flour, and crème fraîche. The result is an incredibly soft blini with all the traditional buckwheat flavor, and a nice, springy bite. Serve them for brunch with jam and maple syrup; top them with smoked salmon and dill for lunch; or spread nutella on them for dessert!

If you are unable to find Yukon potatoes or Crème Fraîche at your local store, here are some alternatives you can try:

Substitute Yukon Potatoes forRed skinned potatoes or any waxy/boiling potatoes. These type of potatoes will hold its shape when cooked in liquid (usually used in potato salad, soups and stews).

Substitute Crème Fraîche forPlain yogurt or sour cream. Sour cream is a common substitute since the two foods are very similar to one another except that sour cream has a thicker consistency.


Video from ChefSteps.com

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