Buckwheat raw and roasted

Buckwheat raw and roasted

buckwheat science page
Buckwheat belongs to the family Polygonaceae. This plant group is generally referred to as the buckwheat, rhubarb or sorrel family. The accepted botanical name of the species and synonyms according to Hammer (1986) are:
  • Fagopyrum esculentum
  • Fagopyrum sagittatum
  • Fagopyrum tataricum ( aka bitter buckwheat or tartary buckwheat)

Buckwheat names in different countries/language:

  • India – ogal 
  • Nepal – mite phapar
  • Bhutan – jare
  • Russia –  Grechka
  • Poland – tatarka gryka or poganka
  • French – sarrasin, blé noir, renouée, bouquette
  • Italy – fagopiro, grano saraceno, sarasin, faggina
  • Germany – Buchweizen or Heidekorn (Hammer 1986)
  • Japan – soba /dattan soba (tartary buckwheat)
  • Mandarin –  tian qiao mai (common buckwheat)ku qiao mai (tartary buckwheat)


Glycemic Index of Buckwheat
A quick search online shows buckwheat’s GI to be around 54, which is low GI.

Glycemic Index Range

GI of Buckwheat (Source: www.dietandfitnesstoday.com)

GI of Buckwheat (Screenshot from: www.dietandfitnesstoday.com)


Source: glycemicindex.com

Source: glycemicindex.com


Nutrition Facts of Buckwheat

GI of Buckwheat (Screenshot from: www.dietandfitnesstoday.com)

Nutrition Facts & Calories of Buckwheat (Screenshot from: www.dietandfitnesstoday.com)


Ezine Articles:

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Other Links:

Buckwheat photos in its many forms (www.wholegrainscouncil.org)

8 Ways to Stabilize Your Blood Sugar (www.readersdigest.ca)
At #5 “Eat soba noodles for dinner one night a week. The “Japanese pasta” is made from buckwheat, a grain that lowered blood glucose levels by 12 to 19 per cent in one well-controlled study on rats. Of course, you’re not a rat, but buckwheat is an excellent source of fibre, and the evidence on fibre and blood glucose improvement is unquestionable.”

Buckwheat may be beneficial for managing diabetes (www.medicalnewstoday.com)
“Researchers in Canada have found new evidence that buckwheat, a grain used in making pancakes and soba noodles, may be beneficial in the management of diabetes.”


Books about Buckwheat:

17 thoughts on “Buckwheat

  1. Hi, thanks for your informative blog! I will definitely be exploring the recipes here… Good to hear that buckwheat is gluten free too, so it won’t cause unhappy tummies 🙂

      • Thank you! Would Bob’s Red Mill, Organic Whole Grain Buckwheat Groats do the trick for a good tartary buckwheat tea? By-the-way, I love your blog!!! Great job!

      • Hi! The tartary buckwheat i used to make the tea is in seed form (its small, hard and dark brown in color). I’m not sure about using groats. The rutin levels (which helps for cholesterol, diabetics ect) in tartary buckwheat is much higher compared to the normal buckwheat groats. Taste wise, it will be different.

      • I tried Tartary Buckwheat Tea several years ago, loved it but couldn’t find it anywhere. Apparently Tartary Buckwheat has way more nutrition than common buckwheat. A friend told me about a company that sells tartary buckwheat tea recently. It was delicious – had a nutty aroma and tasted a bit like dark chocolate. Did you know that you can eat the brewed kernels left at the bottom of the cup? Check out this website: http://www.mount-zen.com

      • I used to make my own and it was drinkable. Then I tried the Mount Zen tea. OMG what a difference. Its pretty hard to find but worth the search. You can’t compare it to anything you can make by yourself. Thanks for the link to the site I didn’t know where I could find it . I think right now it’s available in Toronto area but I live in Montreal .
        Nick N

  2. I enjoyed reading this section of your blog – I’d quite forgotten that buckwheat was in the same family as beetroot and sugar beet. Also, I didn’t know that noodles could be made from buckwheat – I shall look out for soba noodles next time I’m shopping. Thanks!

  3. Great to see the oft’ looked over Buckwheat getting the kudos it deserves! Feel free to share/use any of our buckwheat recipes on your blog, it is a great resource. Jack (One half of Independent kitchen)

    • I think that all foods should be eaten in moderation no matter how good it is for us. So far i have not come across any reports or article about buckwheat toxicity and any recommended daily intake guide for buckwheat. Hope this helps!

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