Buckwheat Plant

The buckwheat plant is a flowering plant with heart-shaped leaves and hollow stems. The plant produces small white flowers which, when pollinated, produce the seed. Buckwheat plants can grow between 40 and 120 cm in height. It grows best in temperate or sub-tropical climates.

Buckwheat Flower 2

Buckwheat Flower

Buckwheat – One of the Superfoods

Here is an informative youtube video talking about buckwheat. Enjoy!

What is Buckwheat? (1)

You might have hear it before, but what is this buckwheat about?

Let me try to explain this food as best as i can. In a nutshell buckwheat is a seed of a plant. It is NOT related to wheat or grass, it is more related to knotweed, sorrel, and rhubarb.

The name buckwheat comes from the term “beech wheat,” because of the plant’s triangular shaped seeds. These seeds resemble the seeds of the beech nut from the beech tree. Its scientific name is – Fagopyrum esculentum.  The plant is grown in many countries including China, Russia, Ukraine, France, Poland, Kazakhstan, and the United States. The seeds, also known as groats can be made into flour for use in noodles, crepes, and many gluten-free products. (E.g. Japanese Soba noodles)

If you’re wondering, here is a picture of what buckwheat groats look like.

buckwheat groats

Buckwheat Groats

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