Buckwheat and Oat Banana Pancakes

Buckwheat and oat banana pancakes are my favorite! Perfectly thick and fluffy. Best served with lots of fresh fruits on the side.

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Chocolate Banana Buckwheat Bread (Vegan)

Fluffy, low-fat and without added sugar! Holy moly ! This cake, bread – whatever you wanna call it – tastes amazing. The texture and taste are unique because of the buckwheat, my mom and even my brother loved it. There is nothing “bad” in it. A completely healthy cake ( if you don’t go crazy […]

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Buckwheat Banana Cake with Pecans and Maple

Making a cake with buckwheat flour can be a gamble. The results of my experiments in the past have been mixed so I heeded the sage advice of baking guru Alice Medrich and handled the buckwheat flour with extreme care to avoid it toughening from being over processed.

The flavour combination lived up to expectation. The buckwheat flour makes a cake that is dense but not heavy, a great cake to slice and pack into a lunchbox. The nutty banana flavour is not very sweet, just moist and moreish. This cake is  gluten free. […]

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Buckwheat Olive Oil Banana Muffins

whoohoo it’s muffin time ! Try this healthy and delicious version 🌿 This recipe is great for breakfast or snack as it’s filling and also fat free and refined-sugar free using bananas.

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Buckwheat Banana & Apple Cinnamon Pikelets

Why Buckwheat flour? Well it is gluten-free so perfect for people with wheat intolerance though in this recipe I’ve used half Buckwheat and half Spelt flour as I find when mixed with a glutenous flour it gives a fluffier lighter result than dense pancake. Spelt Flour is NOT gluten free however the gluten within spelt is a lot easier for some people to digest making it a better alternative. If you have a gluten intolerance or are celiac you can use only buckwheat flour instead. […]

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Banana Buckwheat Muffins

Banana Buckwheat Muffins

These muffins make a healthy and gluten-free breakfast treat this weekend!

Get the recipe here.

Buckwheat Banana-Walnut Muffins (Make-Over)

I love banana bread and walnuts, combined with buckwheat this makes it a MUST TRY on my list!

Buckwheat Banana Walnut Muffin from superfoodista.com


Hello everyone, how nice it’s already Friday again! 😉

Today, I am going to post about a recipe that seems to have been the most searched on my blog! Every time I check my stats, it pops up as a favorite post. As this is also a recipe I made in the very beginning when I started blogging, I thought it needed a make-over, with some improved photos and food styling 😉 Additionally, I made some flavor improvements to the recipe in the meantime. So here comes my make-over of the Buckwheat-Banana-Walnut Muffins! Needless to say that buckwheat is one of the most powerful Superfoods, rich in protein, fiber and on top of that’s gluten-free. For those that don’t know this great blog fully dedicated to the awesome Buckwheat yet, please check it out: it’s called Buckwheat for your Health. It’s full of recipe ideas with buckwheat.

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Blueberry Clafouti with Buckwheat & Buckwheat Banana-Walnut Muffins

Special thanks to Sylvia from superfoodista.com for sharing these 2 wonderful buckwheat recipes :)Her blog focuses on Superfoods and has lots of recipes which integrates Superfoods (e.g. Quinoa, Chia seeds, Blueberries) into them!

“In my effort to include more so called Superfoods in my diet, as they are so good for you, I definitely also had to include Buckwheat, as it is one amazing Superfoods with so many health benefits for you. Here are two examples of recipes for which I used Buckwheat as the main ingredients.” – Sylvia

Blueberry Clafouti from superfoodista.com

Superfoods used: Buckwheat, Blueberries
Clafouti is a baked French dessert of black cherries (for this recipe, blueberries are used instead) arranged in a buttered dish and covered with a thick flan-like batter. It is dusted with powdered sugar and served lukewarm.

Buckwheat Banana-Walnut Muffins from superfoodista.com

Superfoods used: Buckwheat, Walnuts, Eggs

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Gluten Free Banana Buckwheat Cake

Here’s any interesting combination; buckwheat and banana cake, and it’s gluten-free too!
For the cake frosting she used  browned butter, brown sugar and peanut butter.
A recipe from the blog Cafe Johnsonia