How to Take Good Shots of Food With Your Smartphone

Fleeting Colors

It is really amazing that how food colors matter to our appetite. I always love food with bright colors, and green color is a plus because green food is usually healthy. Years ago, I took a photography class, in which we learned how to take food photography. There are many useful tips, such as use wider aperture to avoid blurry spot, or make color adjustments with professional image processing software (e.g. Photoshop). However, when we are going out with friends, there are great chances that we don’t have any digital camera in hand or we don’t have time to do post-processing. But luckily, we have smartphones. I’m not sure if Samsung smart phones have a great camera, but I think iPhone’s fifth and sixth generations have good enough cameras. Below are three photos that I took with iPhone6.IMG_3399

  1. Natural light

Natural light is extremely important especially when you only have a smart…

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Eight Tips for a Better Food Shot without involving Camera Setting

Chin Chai Jiak

Eight Tips for a Better Food Shot

I had received some enquires on tips on taking a good food shot. I am no Pro myself but i thought i’d just share some of the things that I will observe or do for most of my food shots.

These are some pointers that I live by for food photography without involving the technicality of camera setting.

These are definitely not the magic formula to good food photo as I myself still got tons to learn in this aspect but these are some things that I’d comprehend through the years of casual shooting of food.

I will be bluffing myself if I say that the person behind the camera is all it matters. Indeed the person behind the camera plays a big part but I know that certain kind of shots can only be achieved by using a better equipment and to…

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10 Food Styling Tips to Make Your Food Photographs Delicious

Here are some useful tips on how to take photos of your food.

Styling My Everyday

I am speaking at the first annual Keen Digital Summit today and if you are going (spoiler alert!) this is my presentation.

I have been asked to talk about food styling so I thought that I would put together a list of 10 really easy tips to help your food photographs look delicious. I thought it would be great to post here on the blog because this is not only for you food bloggers out there but also for any and everyone that takes pictures of food—you know that you’ve posted a dozen on Instagram!

These tips will help you take pictures of an incredible dish at your favorite restaurant, document your own recipe adventures or get that perfect shot of your dad carving the turkey at Thanksgiving.

I have styled all of the photos in this post and photographed most of them (unless credited otherwise). 

1. Make it Look…

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