Buckwheat with Sweet Potato & Chicken

cooked buckwheat easy

This is the perfect dish for those days when you are craving a warm meal. It is also a great idea to make if you have leftover chicken or meat. This dish consists of sweet potato, chicken, micro coriander, goats cheese, lime juice, spices, and cooked buckwheat. If you have never tried cooked buckwheat it is definitely worth it. I prefer buckwheat as an alternative to rice and sometimes even quinoa because it is much more hearty and I prefer the taste. […]

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Buckwheat Soup with Egg

Buckwheat Soup

A simple soup recipe using only 6 ingredients. Kasha (roasted buckwheat groats), egg, chicken stock, salt, sesame oil and sesame seeds. I came across this recipe from www.uniqlo.com, the Japanese clothing retailer. I didn’t imagine that there would be recipes on their website!

Buckwheat Soup Ingredients

Buckwheat Dumplings with Peach Coulis

Buckwheat Dumplings from foodformyfamily.com

This fantastic recipe uses cooked buckwheat (kasha) blended into a thick paste and then formed into small balls.  The coulis (a form of thick sauce made from puréed vegetables or fruits) uses peaches, honey & lemon juice.  This dish is served warm. Why not try this interesting recipe for breakfast or dessert!

Check out the full recipe at foodformyfamily.com

Share Your Buckwheat Recipe

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Hi everyone!

Thanks for stopping by and following my blog, i really appreciate the support. I started this blog 5 months ago didn’t imagine that it would be well received. As you can see this focus of this niche blog is about this awesome ingredient – Buckwheat.

I’m sure that most of you are awesome cooks and wanted to know if any of you have your best buckwheat recipe you would love share with others. It can be a recipe that you have tried from a cookbook or created on your own. It could be a main dish, side dish or dessert. I would love to post it here.

Your recipe has to have buckwheat as one of the main ingredients.


  1. You must have your own blog/website with the full recipe posted there. (Picture(s) is a must! A picture is worth a thousand words.)
  2. The picture(s) must be your own. If the recipe is from a cookbook, you also need to include a link to the book.
  3. I just need the link to your buckwheat recipe(s) page. You can post your link in the comments below or through my contact form here.

If your recipe is picked, I will choose 1 picture of the finished recipe and a link back to your blog/website. You can also share a brief write-up about your recipe (e.g. story, inspiration, tips).

There is no limit to the number of buckwheat recipes you can share, the more the merrier! The chosen recipes may not be posted immediately as I would like to spread it out overtime.

Really looking forward to reading each and every one of your awesome recipes. 🙂

Warmest Regards,

15 Buckwheat Recipes to Try This Weekend

Buckwheat Recipes

Yesterday i came across an online buckwheat recipe booklet from the Canadian Special Crops Association. In this booklet, there’s 15 buckwheat recipes which includes the nutrition values for each recipe. Pretty handy! There are recipes like Chicken Kasha Soup, Buckwheat Almond Raspberry Torte and Jalapeno Buckwheat Corn Muffins 🙂

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Here is a snapshot of  one of the pages. There are lots of great info and buckwheat facts!

Why choose buckwheat

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Buckwheat is not a Wheat

Why choose buckwheat

The common misconception about Buckwheat is that it is though off  as a wheat because of its name. Buckwheat is not a wheat, neither is it a grain although it is enjoyed in a similar fashion like a true grain. Buckwheat is actually a fruit seed. Because it is not a wheat, it does not contain gluten.

Buckwheat Salad with Nuts



Gluten free Kasha Salad with Grapes, Dried Mango and Pistachios

Don’t want to include buckwheat into your main dish? Why not make it salad style. Wholesome and easy to prepare! Grapes, mango, with pistachios and honey dressing. Other than pistachios, i think cashew or walnuts  would be great too. Kasha is also called Roasted Buckwheat.

A recipe from www.theblackpeppercorn.com

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