How To Fall Asleep Faster


Need to fall asleep now? Have an important meeting tomorrow? Here are some methods I use when I have trouble falling asleep at night. Perhaps it might help you too!

Listen to ASMR (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response). ASMR is the “weird head feeling” or “head tingles,” when you hear a certain sound. Here are some videos that have helped me sleep (remember not to turn the volume up too high):

If it doesn’t  work another alternative I use is White Noise to mask out other noises.
Out of all the 6 sounds, Grey Noise works for me.

Try relaxing sounds, like the sounds of the ocean and the sound of rain.

Make sure there‘s no light in your room, not even the light from your laptop or alarm clock. Place them where you can’t see them. Or if not place something to block out the lights.

Change sleeping position.
I usually sleep on my back. Lying on my sides does help some times.

Use aromatherapy.
The scent of Lavender works for me.

What methods do you use to fall asleep quicker?

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