Buckwheat & Oat Pancakes (Vegan + Gluten Free)

Turns out, I love buckwheat pancakes MORE than regular pancakes! I would never have known this unless I gave them a second chance. I think it’s important to give (most) things second chances. Especially when those second chances can be delicious. My favorite way to enjoy these Buckwheat & Oat Pancakes is to top it with vegan vanilla yogurt and berries. Have you ever tried yogurt on top of pancakes? To me, it tastes almost like icing. The pancakes in the pictures are topped with vanilla yogurt, blackberries and lemon zest. I have replaced unhealthy wheat pancakes with nutritious buckwheat pancakes and it’s all thanks to second chances.[…]

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Buckwheat Pancakes

I had these first at a breakfast place called Suzette and quite liked the idea of these earthy tasting pancaked served with hummus and salad. Now I keep trying them with various flour combinations and toppings. The recipe is simplicity itself. You need A fantastic quality non-stick pan 1/2 cup buckwheat flour ( or a […]

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Chocolate Protein Buckwheat Pancakes

This time I made some chocolate protein buckwheat pancakes by adding raw cacao (for a chocolaty taste) and pea proteins, chia seeds and flax seeds (for proteins). These pancakes are really easy and quick to make, they are healthy, gluten free, not too sweet…

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Buckwheat Banana & Apple Cinnamon Pikelets

Why Buckwheat flour? Well it is gluten-free so perfect for people with wheat intolerance though in this recipe I’ve used half Buckwheat and half Spelt flour as I find when mixed with a glutenous flour it gives a fluffier lighter result than dense pancake. Spelt Flour is NOT gluten free however the gluten within spelt is a lot easier for some people to digest making it a better alternative. If you have a gluten intolerance or are celiac you can use only buckwheat flour instead. […]

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Sprouted Buckwheat Pancakes with Almond Butter Date Syrup

We love Buckwheat here at LiEBES. Especially of the sprouted kind. Using sprouted buckwheat, this delicious recipe produces surprisingly fluffy and light pancakes that are packed full of nutrients.

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Macadamia Buckwheat Pancakes

Day 97/100 So this recipe was created in an usual way and on a whim. I was moping around the kitchen wondering what type of pancakes to make. The cupboards were bare, I really couldn’t be bothered making anything and I was wondering if I could really make it through the last four days of the […]

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Buckwheat Blinis (made with Yukon Potatoes & Crème Fraîche)

Buckwheat Blini 1

Buckwheat Blini 3

How to make buckwheat blini pancakes – video included.

Blini is a traditional Russian buckwheat pancake. This bite sized innovative recipe from ChefSteps incorporates Yukon potatoes, buckwheat flour, and crème fraîche. The result is an incredibly soft blini with all the traditional buckwheat flavor, and a nice, springy bite. Serve them for brunch with jam and maple syrup; top them with smoked salmon and dill for lunch; or spread nutella on them for dessert!

If you are unable to find Yukon potatoes or Crème Fraîche at your local store, here are some alternatives you can try:

Substitute Yukon Potatoes forRed skinned potatoes or any waxy/boiling potatoes. These type of potatoes will hold its shape when cooked in liquid (usually used in potato salad, soups and stews).

Substitute Crème Fraîche forPlain yogurt or sour cream. Sour cream is a common substitute since the two foods are very similar to one another except that sour cream has a thicker consistency.


Video from ChefSteps.com