Cherry Chocolate Chip Buckwheat Scones

I never really knew what scones were all about until I had some for breakfast at Squam…and I decided I would have to try to bake some myself. I found this wonderful recipe using oats and buckwheat flour, that is as good for you as it is tasty. Add some cherries and chocolate chips, and […]

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Cherry Chocolate Buckwheat Scones

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Who can resist these scones! Cherries and chocolate, a delicious pairing made even better with the addition of buckwheat. Buckwheat gives these scones a nutty flavor.

Check out this recipe from radiant rachels

Buckwheat Scones with Pear & Chocolate

Buckwheat Scones with Pears & Chocolate 1 from

These scones make breakfast or afternoon teas a treat. It’s an interesting combination, with pear and chocolate.  I was thinking of trying this recipe out soon and use the new technique I’ve just learnt to making these wonderful buckwheat scones. The technique was that instead of adding the pear and chocolate into the dough mixture, the dough is rolled out, sprinkled with the pears and chocolate, rolled up into a roll, then cut into slices. This way there’ll be no juices leaking into the dough which creates extra moisture.

A recipe from Blue Ridge Baker

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Strawberry Buckwheat Scones

Today i was looking at other blogs and came across this interesting post on making buckwheat scones. The picture looks great!

Maybe i will try making it some day…. a delicious treat for my afternoon tea…..

A recipe from the food blog, Green Cilantro

strawberry buckwheat scones

strawberry buckwheat scone

Check out her food blog here, there are many other recipes so take a look.

Below is another alternative recipe you can try out.

A recipe from

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