Orange Buckwheat-Flour Squares

Orange Buckwheat-Flour Squares from

Indulge your sweet tooth in this buckwheat cake recipe from My kitchen Affair this weekend!
Another reason to try cooking with buckwheat flour 🙂

Orange Buckwheat-Flour Squares  1 from

Buckwheat Macarons with Chocolate Espresso Ganache

Buckwheat Macarons from

Ahhhh sweet sweet macarons…. how many of you have tried this delightful confectionery? It seems someone has come up with a recipe for buckwheat macarons! It’s gluten-free too! It looks really good with the chocolate filling ganache 😉

A recipe from

Buckwheat Ice Cream Recipe

I didn’t know there was such a thing as buckwheat ice cream until today. I wonder what it taste like! Unfortunately it is only available in Japan. But you can try making it from scratch, i’ve included the link to the recipe below.

Japanese Tea Flavoured Ice Cream
From Japan – The one in the middle is the buckwheat flavored ice cream. The green one is green tea flavor. (Photo by Timothy Takemoto on flickr)

Soba-cha (Buckwheat Tea) Soft Ice Cream Cone from Shibuya Tokyo Department Store Food Show
(Photo by yusheng on flickr)










Here’s another one from Japan. According to the blogger, Felicia who posted this, you can get this at one of 27 road stations in Aomori.  Go to “Road Station Shichinohe” located in Shichinohe Town where Shinkansen (bullet train) stops at Shichinohe-Towada Station (you can walk to the road station).

Buckwheat Soft Serve Ice Cream (Aomori, Japan)

Why not try making it yourself! Here’s a recipe using buckwheat kernels and buckwheat honey
(A recipe from the L.A. Times)

Buckwheat ice cream cubes (Glenn Koenig / Los Angeles Times)

And another recipe from the website Love & Lentil

If you have your own recipe, do share!

Sweet Sweet Sugar: Its Many Hidden Names

sugar lips

These days sugar is added into most of our food. But do you know manufactures also uses other name other than the obvious ‘sugar’ in the ingredients list?

Let’s start by looking the ingredient list. The first item in the list is the food that makes up the highest percentage.  Also a point to note is that sugar = sucrose. Sucrose (aka table sugar) is the scientific name for sugar. So make sure you don’t get confused.  The 2 important sources of sugar are sugarcane and sugar beets.

Sucrose = glucose + fructose

Cane sugar = 100% sucrose

Here I have compiled a list of 20 uncommon names for sugar excluding names that has the word ‘sugar’ or ‘syrup’ in it.

  1. Barley malt
  2. Cane juice crystals
  3. Caramel
  4. Dextran
  5. Dextrose
  6. Diastatic malt
  7. Diatase
  8. Ethyl maltol
  9. Fruit juice
  10. Fruit juice concentrate
  11. Galactose
  12. Lactose
  13. Maltodextrin
  14. Maltose
  15. Molasses
  16. Panocha
  17. Sorbitol
  18. Treacle
  19. Evaporated cane juice
  20. Agave nectar

For further reading:

Here’s another interesting read:  141 Reasons Sugar Ruins Your Health