Chemistry In The Kitchen

Why does the color and texture of food change when we cook it? Which ingredients goes well together and what are the steps or process to cook it.

kebab on skewers

Cooking is like chemistry. Both involves measuring, mixing , heating  and cooling. It is like studying how different foods react and interact with each other. The recipe is the formula. Every time we follow or change a recipe, we are experimenting. And this is how a new flavor is formed. In order to create the food we want, we have to carefully select and measure the ingredients. If  we do not follow the cooking directions , the food or experiment might fail or we may come out with a new discovery.

Chemical reaction takes place when heat is applied to the food. For example when we cook meat, it turns brown. The cooking material, temperature and techniques influences the outcome. Science is the key to understanding what goes right and wrong in the kitchen.

Here are some common examples of how food and chemistry works together:

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